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Postdoctoral Associate Psychiatry-Clinical Psychology 65454
The Postdoctoral Associate will provide supervised clinical services (assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, crisis response) and preventative services (outreach programming) to students at Upstate Medical University through the Student Counseling Service.
Postdoctoral Associate Cell & Developmental Biology 66307
An NIH funded postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Jeffrey Amack to investigate biophysical mechanisms of tissue morphogenesis.
Postdoctoral Associate Microbiology & Immunology 67461
This position is a postdoctal fellow in the Microbiology and Immunology department at SUNY Upstate Medical University. The candidate for this position will execute an independent research project under the supervision of a principal investigator.
Postdoctoral Associate Microbiology & Immunology 67342
The Postdoctoral Associate will will use immunological methods to investigate biology of arbovirus transmission at the vector-host-virus interface. Individuals with demonstrated experience on viral immunology and imaging are preferred
Postdoctoral Associate Neuroscience & Physiology 67200
Design, perform and analyze experiments in the field specific to the lab. Will use a variety of conventional techniques. May need to adapt techniques or protocols to perform desired analysis. Prepare scientific results for scientific meetings, publications and research grants.
Postdoctoral Associate Psychiatry 66888
The Postdoctoral Associate will assist faculty member and personnel in conducting research and carry out research experiments on the field of major depression and chronic stress conditions
Postdoctoral Associate Cell & Developmental Biology 62510
The Postdoctoral Associate will join a long-time NIH-funded (currently NIH R35 MIRA), highly interactive team studying cell migration in cancer progression and development with a focus on the paxillin/Hic-5 family of focal adhesion, molecular scaffold proteins, using 2D and 3D extracellular matrix model systems in combination with sophisticated confocal and super resolution imaging approaches.
Postdoctoral Associate Radiation Oncology 61665
The Postdoctoral Associate will design, perform and analyze experiments in the field of experimental radiation oncology.
Postdoctoral Associate Ophthalmology & Visual Science 61969
The Postdoctoral Associate will be responsible for animal model development, design; Reagents preparation, i.e., expression vectors for biomarker studies; In vivo imaging and ERG recording from animal models of human disease; Design and analysis of experiments; preparation of presentation to lab members; attendance lab meetings & seminars etc.
Postdoctoral Associate Neurosurgery 61644
The Postdoctoral Associate, with experience in both in vivo and in vitro, will use methods such as 2-photon live brain imaging in mice, ICV injection, animal behavioral test, primary cell cultures of neurons, bone marrow stem cells or glial cells, gene modification and regulation, flow cytometry, Western blot, qRT-PCR, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, and confocal imaging to perform research experiments in the research lab of Neurosurgery Department.